domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

I remember I wanted to write you a letter. It was your birthday and we had been dating for only two months. I scratched the first page of that Nietzsche book with my pen trying to make my thoughts clear. I wasn’t so into you those days, so I’d better be careful or you might get the wrong idea. The introduction said I believed you were a magnanimous person and I felt heavenly great by your side. I can’t recall the exact words, unluckily, but I do remember I wrote something like this: ‘I hope you’re happy… wether with me or with other person, it doesn’t matter. You deserve to be happy anyway.’ When I finished the phrase I noticed I was close to tears. I didn’t want you to be happy with someone else; it was me who wanted to be your companion, to cherish every kiss, to be the one you wanted to share your life with. That was the day I realized I had fell head over heels for you. It’s been a long time since that day; we’ve been through so much together and now we are taking the daunting challenge of life by ourselves. My heart doesn’t skip a beat every time I think about you anymore, my soul doesn’t belong to yours since we’ve parted, but I remember that feeling right between my throat and my mouth and at least I can say that was real. It’s all I have.

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