sábado, 8 de enero de 2011


I see everything. I just climb into the roof and forget those faces. They come and haunt me. Who are all these strangers? I won't forget them, I couldn't. They stayed here for a night or two, they fed me, yes, they gave me food. And they called me by my name and I believed... I wanted to believe they were my friends. But they are gone now, and my heart is broken, and their hearts are twisted and my owner doesn't know about half of them. I'm the only one who knows what it feels to be up in the morning and find another guest living in my house, using my sofa, wearing her clothes. Will I ever see them again? Or are they just another memory? Hope they will remember me, cause I've seen every sin they've committed in my presence. Some day I'll be able to return and ask them why have they done what they've done... Humans are really weird, they don't know what they are looking for until they stop looking for it. They want answers without even having the exact questions in mind. They play with me, they play, they play, they play and they are gone again. They close the door and stay inside for a little while until I use my paw and perform my lazy entrance. Now they are sleeping, he's hugging her, she has a smile on her face while her naked body rests completely free of worries, at least for now. If it's true, if I can predict the future, this will end up abruptly. She'll take a cab, she'll be happy for some time and then realize she's not the only one. But here they come, I must shut up. I'm just a cat.

(¿Y por qué me imaginé que los gatos hablaban en inglés? No se, esto es re flashero y salió así nomás *Let's pretend I've smoke some weed*)


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Javier Pigliapochi dijo...

¡Impresionante cuento! No recuerdo como llegué a tu blog, pero es sin duda una maravilla del azar.

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